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Our developments

A new-generation Kazakhstani DLP complex. CyberGuard DLP prevents leakage of strategically critical information. It helps organisations to repress industrial espionage and oppose unsound competition.

The solution for intelligent video analytics, which allows to improve security, safety and access control system effectiveness by using face recognition and object detection technologies in real-time. The system tracks all security and safety incidents in real time, provides full information about events that happened during the observation period, sends notifications to key security and safety employees, helps to predict possible incidents, provides analytics for improvements of the security/safety processes and more.

Information available for searching by keywords, available texts, images and video materials in general sources displayed in the system interface.

Secure Communication and Notification Centre. IRIDA is a secure communications centre. The transmission of information between client and server in an encrypted form ensures its security. The centralised logging of user actions can become a data source when conducting internal audits and investigations.

The digitalization of human life processes has been in almost implemented almost in all spheres of life. Medicine is one of the most difficult areas for digitalization, and therefore, it is still not possible to fully link all medical processes with each other, so that they work together, relying on each other's results, thereby improving the quality of treatment.

The modern system of accounting for the movement of goods in companies requires the constant presence of people: control over the receipt and write-off of products, monitoring the balance of goods, timely placing an order. Designers have developed a unique technology that will make all these processes independent of people. This technology unifies smart shelves that track the movement of goods in the warehouse by itself and a special platform that collects data from shelves in real time and automatically notifies about or places an order for goods. Smart Shelf technology will be useful both for companies in the retail and manufacturing segment and for small companies that need to avoid downtime due to late delivery.

As part of this work on the invention, it has created a silicon shell made of phosphor nanoparticles. In the invention, it was used a silicon dioxide powder (SiO2) or a medium-diameter semiconductor powder ~ 50-200 nm as carriers of silicon nanoparticles (SiNp). Semiconductor powder includes doped metals ZnO (zinc oxide), ZnS (zinc sulfate), or Y2O2S (phosphorus powder). The synthesis of Si nanoparticles occurs in an isopropyl alcohol medium.

Using a service consumers are not compromising on religion and ethical values because its Shariah complaint. The product is mobile app and Visa debit card for money transfers, payments, PFM, halal investments and marketplace. The target market is 740 mln, people in 20 countries.

This device designed an assistive for visually impaired or blind people to fully navigate in open space (indoor and outdoor) without external assistance. Device emits a specific frequency sound click, which will then reflect from the surrounding objects and obstacles. As a result, device will translate the reflected sound into information on their shape, material and distance to them. After that, the returning echo activates the visual processing area in the brain of trained echo locator.

The product is an intellectual property on innovative technological processes of producing silicon by alumothermic reduction of silica and its deep refining by synthetic slags, as well as ternary alloy route processes for obtaining of polysilicon of highest purity above 10N (99.99999999%), design services and organizing the relevant production. This product is of interest, first, to countries with no deposits of natural quartzite and coal, but with large resources of quartz sand, cheap aluminum and cheap energy.

The platform modules cover the necessary functionality, from the process of filling in the application to the creation and signing of documents and records.

Information systems traditionally map data structures into two-dimensional space. The technology owner foresee the display of big data structures in three-dimensional (3D) space as an innovation area for such systems.