national center for technology foresight

About enterprise CONTACT US
RSE «NCTF» – is an information and analytical center that provides industries with scientific and technical information on the problems of their technological development
Domestic and foreign achievements in the following areas are covered:

Life sciences

Radio electronics


Earth sciences



Chemistry and chemical technology



Information Technology

Mechanical engineering

Complex cross-sectoral problems

The purpose of the activity RSE «NCTF» is information and analytical support about the latest achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology, the transfer of innovative technologies and developments in priority areas of development.

The subject of activity of RSE "NCTF" is:

  • information and analytical support business entities on new technologies and developments in the areas of their activities;
  • assistance to the subjects of industrial and innovative development in the commercialization of the results of scientific and technical activities, the transfer of innovative technologies, attracting investments and exporting products;
  • cooperation with foreign and domestic organizations in the field of scientific, technical, educational and economic activities, advanced training of engineering and technical personnel in the development of new technologies and skills of working on new equipment.