The National Institute of Intellectual Property named the Top 5 most unusual inventions patented by Kazakhs this year, reports.

1st place. Women's shoes with removable heels.

Shoes, barefoot, boots with a set of removable heels of different height and thickness will be suitable both for everyday wearing and for official events. The heel is equipped with an elastically deformable latch in the form of an open ring element.

2nd place. Horse milk chocolate.

The new chocolate has useful properties: it contributes to rejuvenation of the human body, strenthen of health and extension of youth. There is even a small recipe in the description. Chocolate is enriched with beta-glucans, resveratrol, fucoidan, extracts of stevia and girasol, dry strains of lactic bacterias, pantothenic acid, vitamin В6 and L-tryptophan along with mare’s milk. Therefore, chocolate from mare milk is not only a delicious treat, but also a healthy product.

3rd place. Method of removing ink from office paper.

Environmentalists and people who rejoice in preserving trees will be pleased with this invention. It will help to use office paper several times. Moreover, it will not take much to do that. The removal of ink from office paper is achieved by enriching toit with an organic solvent in a Soxhlet extractor under exposure to ultrasound. The paper is cleaned and can be rewritten.

4th place. Remedy against the Colorado beetle.

Strain of fungus for preparation of agent against larvae of Colorado beetle is isolated from soil and found in Almaty in summer 2015. It has high biological activity against the larvae of this insect. As a result of research, it was revealed that beetle larvae die in 12 days. And this is very useful for farmers, for whom the Colorado beetle is one of the main pests.

5th place. Charging station for electric vehicles.

Not only Elon Musk can boast achievements in the field of "green" technologies. Kazakhstan people have created their own model for recharging electric vehicles. Moreover, in the domestic development, the safety level of the charging station for electric vehicles was increased with the help of grounding and a state control unit, a switching element.

This year in total 712 patents were registered in the state register of the National Institute of Intellectual Property. Kazakhstanis actively offer their ideas in completely different industries. For example, a method for reprocessing yarn, a navigational stencil that helps doctors put an injection, and a method for manufacturing multilayer canvases.