Technology Overview

The platform modules cover the necessary functionality, from the process of filling in the application to the creation and signing of documents and records.


  • analyzes source documents based on ML algorithms
  • searches context and semantic NLP information
  • identifies the logical links in the document convolutional neural networks
  • generates a new finished document


  • Financial sphere not regulated; people do not have proper access financial market meeting some artificial obstacles. Thus, they are getting micro loans with an interest rate of up to 1000%, which leads to negative externalities.
  • By lending with such a great interest rate they already know at the beginning that at least 40% to 50% of the money they lend will be either non-refundable and have an enormous non-collectible part of their loans their balance sheet


  1. An automatic legal service based on AI is acting as a cheap and effective lawyer. The model that already works in Kazakhstan has proven to be effective, while having no lawyers actually engaged at all, but only AI. Online lending companies in most cases violate civil law by putting an extreme interest rate. Most of the companies use the same schemes, knowing how illiterate people are. It was used AI to submit the cases to court and through automated litigation process and have made more than 1100 contracts void.
  2. Mediation platform that reduced the debt for clients on one side, by reducing interest rate to a legal and mutually agreed between online lending company and the client. It usually equals 50 to 100% a year, which 10 times less. In addition, it helps online lending companies to collect the remaining debt that can reach up to 50% out of the overall money that they lend with a relatively lower interest rate but with a much faster time.

Potential buyers: MFIs, Banks

Technology Features and Specifications

Repayment of loans goes through integrated payment systems. At the same time, the system makes it possible to receive reports and synchronize the work of the call center and collection service. The solution is capable of handling a large number of requests. JAVA 8 platform using the “Spring” framework and POSTGRESQL database. The website contains a full description of the product, the process of application, issuance and repayment of credits, and a convenient and usable online application form.

Customer Benefits

Mediation platform reduces the debt for clients.
Borrowers know their rights and can get legal service.
Borrowers’ credit history improvement.
Platform also helps online lending companies to collect the remaining debt.