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RSE "NCTF" provides services on search and selection of information materials through the "Information retrieval analytical system" (IPAS). Ipas is a product of RSE "NCTF". This system contains the scientific and technical information on innovative developments, emerging technologies, analytical and reference materials and standard technical documentation.

The IPAS system includes information-analytical system "Semantic Archive 4.0" (SA 4.0). CA 4.0 is one of the most modern software development aimed at improving the information-analytical research organizations and commercial structures. Thus, it allows the automatic collection of information from different sources: Internet, media, research reports, social networks, forums, online databases, etc. With it is possible the continuous monitoring of all objects and processes in accordance with the specified parameters. Distinctive features of the system are the completeness and high accuracy of search results, both in text and object modes. All documents are subject to automatic processing with the possible release of these objects of interest (person, company, global markets, etc.) and the related facts and events. Depending on the specific needs of customers the final results can be presented in the form of a ready-made information and analytical materials, or collections of information received without detailed processing, conclusions and projections. RSE is already positive experience of implementation on the basis CA 4.0 of orders from both the public and government and private commercial structures. Research topics cover a wide range of issues: from the study of the status and trends of the world market of certain goods to the latest foreign achievements in the field of science and technology.

Through the "Information retrieval analytical system" (IPAS) provides services on search and selection:

Analytical materials;

Articles and publications;


R & D;

Companies manufacturing technologies and products.

We provide an overview and analyzes on the customer's request.