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​Objectives and activities

Purpose of the enterprise is to provide interdisciplinary scientific and technical information on advanced technology and manufacturing industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To achieve this goal, the enterprise carries out the following activities:

1) Carrying out research, development design and technological development;

2) The implementation of cross-sectoral exchange of scientific and technical information, including the innovative technologies;

3) Implementation of works on information and analytical support of innovative projects and promotion of results in the production of the latest scientific research, oppno- of design and engineering work, as well as the implementation of information and communication, and innovative technologies in various sectors of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) Implementation of cooperation in the scientific, technical, educational and economic activities with foreign and domestic organizations;

5) The establishment and assist in the formation of foreign and domestic innovation and scientific development database;

6) Training of staff of the Enterprise;

7) Participation in technological forecasting

The aim of RSE "NСTF" is the formation of the state system of cross-sectoral information-analytical and expert support of the process of creating advanced technology and production in the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of foreign sources of information.